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Enter Tha Minds is a bi-weekly podcast where four black millennial men reflect on their lives and work through their day to day struggles. Their goal is to create a safe space for other like-MINDed individuals like them and talk about the coming of age in a world that’s not for them - and making that world their own.

Every N**** That Ever Realized That He And Many Individuals Never Discuss S***


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How many of us ever felt lost or hopeless throughout life? Maybe you had a situation going on but didn’t know who you could talk to. Maybe your day to day job or family has been working your last nerve. Or maybe life as an adult has just left you lost, confused and frustrated. We’ve all been there and thats what our show is about.

Navigating the turmoil in our lives by sharing our thoughts and stories with one another and you, our listeners. Season 1 was our introductory season so that you could get a feel of the type of who we are. But we still discussed some hot topics such as Religion, Family, Love, Heartbreak and Getting Closer to 30. Next season we plan on diving deeper with more intense topics that we hope you could relate to. We made this safe space for us to get any and everything off our chest and we encourage you to do the same.

Interact with us on social media at @EnterThaMinds on Instagram and Twitter and send us your Anonymous Letters. But also, as you’re listening don’t forget to let us know on Twitter by using the #EnterThaMinds hashtag, we’d love to discuss the topics with you.


Enter Tha Minds

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